Philippine night

The sun tucks in early here. I was just sitting on the porch, flipping through some things in my mind. It’s a sticky, soggy Philippine night. We are at the time of the year when it rains everyday and everything stays wet, including my feet. I hate that. The Filipinos don’t seem to mind it so much. I’m not Filipino. I can’t stand having wet feet.

Tropical weather is strange to us foreigners. Severe and unpredictable. Never just a little bit. Summertime is ten weeks of just hot without a drop of rain and barely a cloud or two. Rainy season is typhoon after typhoon mixed with monsoon and floods. The clouds hang a little lower, the sun heats up the streets a little faster and this humidity makes it hard to breathe.

After six years I have learned to tolerate it. Can’t say I am used to it for that statement would be loaded with the assumption I have forgotten what a good winter night was like back in Ohio. I haven’t forgotten.


Writing becomes my obsession. The characters become a part of me. Then I realize they are a part of me even before we begin. Duke Bradley is a part of me. Always has been. We grew up together. He does the talking and I do the writing. It just works better that way. He tells the story, I just listen.



Thank you and goodnight.


12 thoughts on “Philippine night

      1. Thank you Cindy Morton! I have one suspense novelette now on amazon…and one fantasy novella that is part of a series. This novella is still being polished and will be ready in about two months I hope. you can see my website at that has the links to my amazon. Thank you so much!


    1. Thank you! You will see more for sure. I am using this blog to get feedback and to sharpen my skills as a writer. I want to increase my spontaneity and delve deeper into my creative thoughts. I appreciate the comment..


    1. You are too kind..I appreciate the comment thank you! I hope to keep posting and allow my creativity to truly spark and flow.


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