This excerpt comes from Book 1 of the Song of the Avatar series: Patala starring the Venerable Order of the Prabandhakas.

“Leela sat lotus style, with her back straight and her large, almond shaped eyes closed. Her hands rested in her lap holding a white carnation. The deep black of her face contrasted to the colorful kathak markings she wore. Complete with a tiny red dot in the center of her forehead. Her neck was long and graceful and her high cheekbones and tiny chin gave her an almost elfish type beauty

Her skintight black body suit, enabling mobility and displaying every curve of her flawless body, defined her, contained her form. Without it, she was invisible. When in meditation, as she was now, she wore a mauve colored cloak with the hood pulled far over her face, to limit distractions from both sight and sound.

She took a deep breath and blew it out through pursed lips. She could feel him watching her. We don’t breathe the same Nara, she thought. Leela was a demon, but pure female which was reflected in the perfection of her form, the supple curves of her thighs, her waist and her chest. But like Nara, the form of the body was unimportant to her. She was involved in an emotion which was believed, demons were incapable of, with their vibrational limitations. Leela had surpassed that boundary with her passion to be with Nara. If it were even possible, she loved him and could see what was inside of him, she could feel his being. She saw that touch of insanity and the tiniest fear that demons search the spirit to feed, inflate, and use against. The deepest hidden memories. In Nara, she saw the most relentless piece dangling, holding on, waiting to make a breakthrough into his consciousness.

She wished she could crawl inside of him, sheild it, cloak it from anyone else who might be entering. No one would ever see…if the right demon found this, they would shatter him like glass. Kali and his forces use insecurity, doubt and fear as their arsenal, and they win. If she could, she would stand between Nara and every demon in Patala. Oh Krishna! The madness swelling inside of her, she wished with everything she had, that she didn’t need him. This is going to be a disaster!

Leela screamed inside. “Do not let this end in fear!” The energy of the thought rattled her to consciousness. She opened her eyes and saw him standing across the lake. She changed the color of her skin to a light golden tan, wondering if he had heard her. He had.”

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