Excerpt from The Venerable Order of the Prabandhakas: Patala, Song of the Avatar series: Book 1

Here is another excerpt from my fantasy series.The Venerable Order of the Prabandhakas: Patala, Song of the Avatar series: Book 1

Book 2 is on the way.


“There are dark places on earth, corners and chasms of all types and vastness. However nothing can measure to the depths of anarchy and discord that befalls Patala as the light source fades, blinks then ceases. Twelve earth hours of madness slither in and the citizens of all the villages of Patala keep the neem fires burning to ward off the horrible demons that control the darkness. Uneasy sleep, restlessness and anxiety until the light source is finally replenished and the sky illuminates again.

Nara rolled over onto his chest. Blood from the scrapes and gashes in his back thickened and debris stuck to his wounds. He listened intently as the others descended the hill, each in their own way. Jadu cursed the entire way down; Govinda half rolled and half slid sideways and Siddhartha took a nasty bounce and was coming in head first on his chest. All of them had already sustained injuries fighting off the Sitaw, Now this hill, if you could call it that, made the situation even that much worse.

But then a broad smile came across Nara’s face and a burst of energy painfully lifted him up onto his forearms. The last to make her way down, was Leela and she was doing it magnificently. Because of her petite frame, she was much lighter and was able to manipulate the side of the hill by finding handholds and digging the insoles of her black boots into the earth. She faced the ground and moved in a zigzag fashion, kicking away the dead leaves and using the embedded rocks to her advantage. Slow but sure, she unzipped the slope until finally she was able to stand and dash down the last few feet.

Nara wanted to jump up and cheer, but immediately composed himself.

If anyone knew anything about the Sitaw, it was Siddhartha. He could monitor and assess any biological being, especially the Sitaw, since they took form from dirt. Siddhartha is earth.

Nara stood up and limped over to Siddhartha. ”What do we know about them?” he asked.

“The Sitaw? Not much. As you saw, we can blow them apart but as long as there is dirt they can regenerate.” Siddhartha picked a small, bloody pebble from under the skin of his forearm and flicked it. ‘‘But mostly they are used as guard dogs. I have never heard of any this far north before, but at this point it seems like anything is possible.”

Thank you and Goodnight.



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