Exploiting God

Recently I read an article (which I won’t cite or reference at this time because it is unimportant), about preachers and religious organizations turning a profit by preaching God’s word, so to speak. Using the Bible and their congregations as a scheme to get rich and fool people into giving them money. This article viewed these practices in a negative light and alludes that people should not benefit or profit from God.

Following the article is a steady stream of comments agreeing with it. Apparently this is quite the topic, and is one issue everyone seems to be an expert on. Some of the comments even became almost hateful and went so far as to say it made them sick. it was disgusting that these preachers make all of this money exploiting God. What God gave to man should be free.

Is that so?

Don’t we all exploit God for profit?

I will not defend all preachers and religious organizations, nor will I crucify them. I do not know the intentions of all of them. I just want to offer a different view on the issue.

Way back in the beginning, as it says, God created the universe. He created the earth. So the earth belongs to God. That is simple. The earth belongs to God and everything on and in the earth belongs to God.

God then created man and let him free on the earth. Men formed tribes and became quite territorial in God’s world.

Nations rose and boundaries appeared. Governments are formed. Laws enacted. Borders were mapped out and guards posted to protect them.

So now we have man, who at some point has decided that his tribe and the government they set up owns this land within the boundaries. At some point another tribe would like to also enjoy this land and launch a campaign to take it by force. War has now broken out and tribes are fighting over land that belongs to God. Men fight and die for their “country” with pride and glory. When the smoke clears, the ones who have survived return back to the country for which they fought to protect.

Are they allowed then to have a plot of land to live and raise a family? Not really. They still have to pay for it. They still have to work and earn money and pay the government for land they fought to protect. Land that belongs to God and that he gave to man to use.

Now let’s suppose a person does well and has a lot of money. They see this beautiful beachfront property. This person buys all of this land from the government. He or she now owns this land in the country or nation that other men have fought and died for on the earth that belongs to God.

This property has beautiful sunsets, white sand beaches, refreshing waterfalls etc. This is God’s creation at its finest. Nothing on the earth (that belongs to God) can compare to this site.

But if you want to visit here it is going to cost you. if you want to swim in the ocean you have to pay an entrance fee, if you want to lie on the beach and soak up some rays better bring your Visa.

If you want to see God’s beauty better start saving now.

Who owns the fresh lakes where we get our water? Amazing how people lived on this planet for thousands of years and never had to pay for water. The trees were full of fruit for the picking, vegetables grew wild. Now we all work and pay for these services.

Are these abominable practices? Not really. In this world people have to survive and everyone wants to enjoy what they can. We all want to make a good living.

It is impossible to live on the planet and not exploit someone. Including God. The phrase “God has all the money” is correct.

We throw money at entertainers, women who dance naked make thousands a night, celebrities and sports personalities make outrageous salaries. We donate to politicians campaign funds, buy cigarettes and alcohol. We throw away fortunes on unhealthy foods and their distributors, but if a preacher spreads the good message of God, teaches tolerance and patience and love,or if that preacher delivers a message to you that may save your immortal soul,he had better not profit off of it. If someone build a huge church on land that belongs to God and dedicates that building to God and God’s work it is called unnecessary. A waste of money and people are being fooled and tricked out of their money to fund this enterprize.

But a huge shopping mall is widely accepted. The stocks for companies dedicated to snack foods raise. Property values increase and the people of the tribe are taxed heavily to live in a land that they fought for, take pride in, and that belongs to God.

Meanwhile the small time pastor takes a second job washing dishes at night just to keep his family afloat. Religious organizations lack the funding to help the people they want, the poor, the sick and the homeless. The elderly go without food and medicine because they are unable to work.

There is an underlying emotion I do believe anytime we hear of anyone (i.e. doctors, lawyers, corporate heads etc.) making an enormous salary. Jealousy. I know I get jealous a bit when I hear how much Will Smith or Tom Hanks makes for just one single movie. But I also know how much I am willing to pay to see it. So that’s it, isn’t it?

When Hollywood puts out a movie with all the glitter, and trailers and suspense it is the job of the marketers to make me exchange my money to see that movie.They employ so many devices and use a myriad of ways to get that movie in front of my face until I have finally spent the money to see it. But who has made that money from me? Who has exploited me?

Let’s look at it another way.

I write Novellas. Let’s say I write a novella and it gets published and printed. And then people begin to buy that book and I receive royalties.

Am I the only one to profit?

There is the bookseller, the printer, the binder, the publisher, the paper mill operator, the truck driver delivering the books, all the way down to the people that collect and recycle the books once they are read and discarded. So who has profited?

When a preacher wants build an enormous church, that preacher will use the same glitter and hocus pocus to put it in your face until you agree to donate. Then when all the donations are gathered and the church is built, who has profited?

There is the construction workers, the people who make cement, who make the iron girders, the glass makers, the people who prepare lunch for all of these people. There are designers, carpenters, installers, architects all the way down to the companies that provide the gas for the delivery trucks to get all of the materials to the site.

Now the preacher is on stage in a nice expensive suit and he is preaching the message that God has given to the world.

Who profits?

Perhaps you will, if you listen.

Mathew 16:26

“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

Thank you and Goodnight.



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