The Perfect Rain and Revision

I couldn’t ask for a better tropical night. I woke up to a solar blast morning, but by mid afternoon we were blessed with an overcast sky and a light rain. Rain and clouds just enough to temper the heat of the concrete streets and cool the air, but not leave everything a sloppy mess. A perfect rain.

I was sitting outside of work on the porch just watching the street. A comfortable, cool breeze moves the palm tree leaves around slightly. Tricycles and sidecars rolling by, people going here and there. By nine thirty most of the stores close and the street food vendors make a last few rounds. I was just talking to the man selling Taho. He said it was a slow night.

The kids here love taho, including my son. What kid wouldn’t, I suppose. Taho is steamed tofu, smooth like yogurt and served in a cup with tapioca pearls and warm brown sugar syrup. It’s a popular breakfast item here. For me Filipino food is strange. Everything is either super salty or super sweet. And all meals are served with rice. All meals. They even take rice left over from the night before and fry it up in the morning and call that breakfast. Add some dried fish (that stinks to high heaven when they cook it) and you have a typical Filipino morning meal…

I can’t eat rice everyday, I have had to find alternatives. Honestly, I don’t find much of the Filipino cuisine all that appetizing. Everything (and I mean everything) must contain two elements or it is considered inedible. Meat and rice.

There is another popular breakfast item called Champorado. Thats puffed rice doing a backstroke in chocolate syrup topped with evaporated milk. (even the teenagers here are concerned with “high blood” as they call it) It is no wonder they die so young. Anyway, someone decided that was just not nutritious enough so a popular thing is to take salted, dried fish called Tuyo, fry it, crumble it and put it IN the Champorado. Makes me sick.

Another vendor slowly rides buy on a bicycle, with a bamboo basket secured to the center bar between his legs. He hollers out a familiar song on the streets of the great republic. “BALUT! BALUT! PENOY BALUT!”

Balut..a fertilized duck egg, steamed and served with vinegar. When you crack it open there you have it. A cooked duck fetus swiming in its own fluid that is sucked out first, then you eat the rest. Not me. They tell me it’s delicious. I wouldn’t know because I’m not going to eat it.

At any rate I want to say thank you to the people who have liked and commented on my blog and the visits to the web page and those who purchased my novella and novelette. I am overwhelmed. I have very little help on this journey and absolutely ZERO cash for any advertising, professional editing, book design etc. My covers are simple, the editing is done by myself and my best friend Govinda Malakar over in India.

We wrote the first book, The Venerable Order of The Prabandhakas : Patala together in google docs. I am in the Philippines and like I said he is over in India. We have never met in person. I don’t have a computer at home, nor does he. That first book (and most of my other writings) was written mainly on my cell phone notepad. Then while we were both at work, if we had time we would plug away at the manuscript, keeping in touch through social media. Trust me it wasn’t easy. I work in a busy, noisy internet cafe and sometimes there is no available computer for me. So that means pencil and paper…I don’t use ink pen. I have no real space to write, no desk or office. I write wherever and whenever I can.


Thank you and Goodnight.



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