Typhoon and a Lovable Old Dog

For three days we received just the outer bands of rain from typhoon Goni. Not the worst I have seen. Nothing major went down here, no serious flooding. The wind ripped off a few poorly secured roofs, that’s about it. There is still more to come. It’s typhoon season.

Good writers write wonderfully constructed sentences and paragraphs, dripping with beauty and phonetics. Great writers know how to to take those sentences and paragraphs out back and shoot them, like a loveable old dog whose time has come.

And that’s precisely what i had to do.

For twenty years I tried my pencil at literary fiction, my heroes and influences being Kerouac and Henry Miller. Some Hemmingway but not most, and Hunter S. Thompson. I still hold onto that. But when a writer is changing to another, more precise genre, certain changes need to be made in the formula. That is what I have just encountered.

In my previous posts I introduced you to Duke Bradley in all his purple prose. My editor, God love him, sent me a message. Knowing my tendency to explode he treats me ever so gingerly and explains that it is good..very good..but for the genre I am now writing in some may say it moves a bit too slow. I closed my eyes and swallowed the ego that was starting to take control of my voice box. He was right. So..I rewrote it.


Thank You and Goodnight


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