Another Mystery in the Works

PROMO13I woke up this morning to a grey overcast sky. Sounds depressing? Well it’s not. Reminds me of home. Akron, Ohio. I now live in the Philippines.

We haven’t had any serious rain or break from this heat since new year’s day. A good tropical rain would put a spring in my step. This weather is not for guys like me who grew up in the USA. I have been here for almost 7 years and there are a few things I still can’t get used to. My body just won’t adjust to the constant blaring heat. Prickly rashes can crop up if I don’t take the time to apply baby powder regularly. I would sure love a couple of good rainy days.

Now we get typhoons regularly. This season has been quiet so far. The typhoon can be a scary time for yours truly. Most of the people around me are used to it. Before when we lived in the ‘Buhay Kubo’ or bamboo house (that I built myself) it would sway and shake and chunks of roof would spring off like it was blasted with my grandfathers Remington. In the middle of all the chaos you can hear the neighbors hammering and pounding plywood walls, G.I. sheet roofs being removed layer by layer. Thats dangerous. There are several stories of people being injured and even decapitated by flying chunks of metal during the typhoon. Still no one (except me) wants to keep prepared. Now we live in a concrete apartment. Flooding is normal here and last typhoon our roof blew away and the flood came in up to our mid calf. It’s all well now,

Book cover 6So I am all prepared for this book Launch–Thirteen Years of Dust– doing everything myself. Writing, editing, cover design promotion. I have had some help from Govinda on the editing, but he has an important position in his comapny and has many demands on his time. The promoting is the most difficult part in my opinion. Reaching an audience. I have had some great advice from other authors especially Garrett Denis author of the Port Starboard Storm Ketchum book series. I recommend these cozies—– Anyway he has shown me some of the ropes on a few things.

Duke Bradley. I was recently asked how many books I plan to write in this series. Who knows? As long as I am breathing I am writing Duke Bradley mysteries. I am shooting for 108–after that I will retire. I have started his next case and it is more intriguing than the first.

Well, the clouds are breaking up and blue skies are ahead. Which means the heat is coming. I have my jug of ice water and my notebook. Plan to keep going on the next in the series. HARMONY. I’ll give you a sneak taste. Just one line “They said I used ‘Vigilante Justice’ on Vinnie Torlino. I’m not a vigalante. I’m a private eye.’

Thank you and goodnight.


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