Mystère gris and Noir


What is Noir? Hell, I don’t know. It seems to me there are a lot of definitions out there for this genre. I decided to look it up in a few places just to see what I come up with.

a genre of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity.

That one was the best, I suppose.  Bleak settings, depressive plots, tough, cynical characters–etc. There are even a few “must have” elements for a novel to be considered Noir. That’s why I call my writing Noir inspired. It’s not pure Noir and it’s not ever going to be and I don’t care. I write the way I want to write and I am not going to follow a recipe and add or slash to fit into a category. the story is what it is. Maybe some would call it cozy-noir, a term coined by Andrew MacRae. I myself like to say it’s “mystère gris” style. That’s french for grey mystery. To have grey you need light. And there is always light.

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So as far as Noir is concerned my stories lack a few elements. For instance in my books you will never find explicit sex scenes. I’m not going to write them. I won’t do it. I have other things to write about. Sex is a simple operation and easy to describe and it has no place in my novels. Maybe a bit of romance, desire and longing–sure why not? But as far as some harcore stuff–pick up an erotica novel there are plenty of those.

I also have no use for excessive curse words. There are a few and they are placed in places where necessary. Not everyone talks like Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. I certainly don’t talk that way and neither does Duke. There are thousands of other things to say. Even in Noir.

Mystère gris is Noir inspired. It’s the shadows, the thoughts of the mind that drive you crazy. Those memories from the past that haunt you as you lay down at night trying to sleep. It is the bleak times with a sunrise coming and two ways to go–back into the darkness or straight into the daylight. It is moral issues, addictions to deal with and the invitation to give yourself a good hard once over.

These are stories of murder and other crimes by criminals you wouldn’t expect. Those criminals that crossed over into the darkness and got themselves all wrapped up in it. Duke is on the edge. He can go either way and he knows it. One drink and it’s back into the gutters. He stays there on the grey line where the two meet. One misstep and he is finished. But has no idea how to go the other way. He doesn’t know that life.

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At any rate, number one will be hitting the bookshelves on Feb 6th. Number two is on the way. Now, number one was a bit light on the mystery for the main reason had to set up all the stuff about Duke and Shriya and how they met and whatnot. With that out of the way I can get down to business. Spend more time on the twists, the relationship between our Indian princess Shriya and Duke with his addiction struggles– I have the next four plotted out. Let’s have some fun.

Mystère gris, or just gris if you prefer, is a more exacting term fitting for my style of writing. It’s not the forties anymore. That’s unfortunate, but as with all things we have to move forward in art.

Thank you and Goodnight






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