First review from my ARC Thirteen Years of Dust

A while ago I sent out some ARC of my upcoming novel. Thirteen Years of Dust. The deal is they get a free copy (complete with typos) and I get a review. It’s a fair deal and I ask for an HONEST review. I can’t very well grow as a writer with out honest reviews.
I just got one from one of my reviewers.
So because I am an egoist in some respects, and I want to sell my book, I decided to post that review here for all and sundry to read.

By Garrett Dennis on January 27, 2016

 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
I received an advance review copy of this book. This ‘whodunit’ introduces a new protagonist in the world of noir mystery, the down-and-out PI Duke Bradley, as he goes about solving a cold-case murder in hopes of collecting some reward money. While he proceeds from a cynical starting point, Duke develops a sense of righteous outrage along the way to a satisfying conclusion. His character, and the supporting characters as well, were developed well enough to make them interesting enough for me to want to keep reading, and I enjoyed learning what makes Duke tick. This was fortunate, because although the writing itself is stellar, especially for a first effort, my ARC could have benefited from some more copy editing – and in fact, I vacillated between 4 and 5 stars for this review because of that. But I understand that more editing has been done since my ARC, and this is a clever tale that’s told well, so I think it would be unfair to ding it just because of typos. The story may sound typical for its genre, but there are some interesting twists and character development that I think make it stand out. All in all, I think Duke’s debut foray is a fine addition to the noir canon.
– Garrett Dennis, author of Port Starbird: A Storm Ketchum Adventure (Storm KetchumAdventures Book 1)
Garrett Dennis is an accomplished author with a great reputation. His opinion you can trust. I sure as hell do. The point is he isn’t going to give anyone a bum steer toward a terrible book. That could kill his own writing career. So there you have it all wrapped up in a nice bundle. My book is pretty good–love to hear your feed back.
Thank you and Goodnight

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