promodukeThat’s exactly what I am looking for. Free ways to generate ebook sales. 5 would be awesome–I would settle for two. Sadly I have no cash. I live in a far off place in South East Asia and although I am from the USA it’s impossible to do anything from where I am sitting.  I have been all over social media and registered for all the free advertising I could click a mouse at. I learned to use gimp and made up some pretty cool promo posters. For now, I am just drumming my fingers waiting for my reviewers to finish and write their reviews so I can (hopefully) apply for more free spots. I have no chance at the paid ads. I don’t have a credit card.


My limitations are endless. Just ONE paid ad on a tweeting site is more than a full week’s salary for me. The exchange rates kill me (not that I have any money to exchange LOL) I have two kids to feed. **Sigh** what is to become of the MYSTERE  GRIS genre.



But fear not! I will never give up on Duke Bradley or the Mystere Gris genre I have invented. (To learn more about Mystere Gris, scroll back to an earlier blog post Mystere Gris and Noir) I figure somewhere, sometime down the road I will come across the right info or the book will fall into the right hands. Perhaps the real money is in marketing other people’s books. All you have to do is show it. Don’t even have to guarantee sales for the poor sap that pays you. Just build an email list then **poof** your paypal is overflowing! But that takes a lot of time. And I am a writer not a salesman. And I am not in this for the money.


Making sales is nice. And I am all for it and if someone wants to offer a nice book deal, well I am not one to sneer at such a proposal. But what really salts my tomato about making sales is the fact that someone out there, whom I don’t know, is reading my work. Here I have spent the better part of the last year putting this together,( and at my age the days aren’t to be wasted) and someone saw the cover–read the description (which I am horrible at writing) and chose to shell out the dough for my creation. That is more of what I am after. Having people appreciate my art and walk away a little different.

Book cover 6

Buy Now!

This book and the upcoming series are a part of me. A part of my everyday thoughts. A part of my dreams. Even if I don’t make the sales I can’t let it go. I will always write until I take my last breath. That you can take to the bank.


The first rule of writing is–you don’t talk about writing. No, I am just kidding. For me the first part is to NOT think about publishing it. That can lead to limitations. THIRTEEN YEARS of DUST started as an idea for a short story. I was thinking 6-7k words. Then it grew to 12k. So I thought , well, I’ll make it a novella. Now 70k words later I am sitting here with a complete novel and a series in mind with no where to put it! Had I stuck with the limitation of selling it as a short story, then I am not sure where I would be right now. Maybe sitting here with “writer’s block” (which I have yet to experience–In fact I get the opposite–”writer’s open floodgate” and at the most inopportune times!)


I suppose a lot of indie authors are in the same banana boat as I am. Luckily, I have had some great advice–especially from another indie author who knows the ropes and should have his books displayed on the front table in any book store worth its salt–Garrett Dennis author of  Port Starbird: A Storm Ketchum Adventure (Storm Ketchum Adventures Book 1).  Now here is a guy with talent.


But as it stands we have to put our works and our lives into the hands of the one who is greater than us. The almighty. AMAZON. That’s just a joke. I am a man of prayer, but I never send God any requests. Just let Him know I am here thinking about Him and I will accept whatever He has planned. I have no choice but to accept it and I am happy to do it. God knows what I need and knows what I want. Sometimes the two match and other times they don’t.


So for now I will keep up with the tweets and the facebook posts and see what turns up. It’s a good book. I like it. I hope you find time to pick it up and give it a try–


Thank you and Goodnight


P.S. Sorry about the rouse in the title–sometimes that’s how I operate. LOL






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