Meet Special Agent Shriya Thakur, Duke Bradley’s Partner in THIRTEEN YEARS OF DUST!


Born in the USA to Indian parents, then then raised and educated in London, Special Agent Shriya Thakur joined the FBI after she returned to America to reclaim her right as a citizen. She was trained as a field agent, but because of her small size and British accent, she’s been riding the pine doing backround checks for the past nine years. When the opportunity opened up for her to transfer to Akron’s Cold Case unit, she jumped at the chance to get out from behind the desk. Unknown to her, the FBI had very little faith in her abilities in the field at the time and only granted her the position because they didn’t expect these cases to get solved. Then she met Duke Bradley and everything changed. Not only for her and her career, but for Duke’s universe too.

Here is what Duke says when he fist laid eyes on her:

“She was a doll, I mean a real dish. She looked to be all of about thirty-three with a petite frame and this natural lusty, black hair which was pulled back tight, like a medieval facelift and seemed to be held in place by some wizard’s spell. It was soft and wavy in places, and frizzy in others as if she had just met up with a dose of lightning. Her eyes were sideways teardrops with a deep chocolate center and black mascara lines along the bottom lid. She had slim lips, no lipstick, and a high forehead with thin arching eyebrows and tiny hairs that forgot to grow sideways where the two almost met in the middle. Her cheekbones rode high on either side of her celestial nose and her jaw tapered down, like the bottom of a valentine heart, but then rounded into a slight dimple in her chin.

She glanced up from her reading for a mere second, then decided afterwards I deserved another check, this time, a bit more stealthful and not long enough for me to motion to her, but I could tell she was looking.

Her skin was the color of toasted almonds, but I was sure it would be darker in the summer once it gets a good load of sunshine. She had on a sour cream colored button down with short sleeves that slid into her Khaki pants smooth as an iron on decal. A gold badge clung to her belt on the left side of her narrow waist and her empty gun holster was on the right. By complete accident and totally unintentional, I happened to notice the blue lace of her bra saying hello where the buttons at her bust line separated. Especially when I let my head tilt just a hair to the right. Another mystery I was more than eager to solve.”


Thirteen Years of Dust is a cult classic in the making. You will surely be fascinated by Duke Bradley and absolutely fall in love with Special Agent Shriya Thakur. Watch for it’s release and more in this series!

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