Patience and Publication


There is a quote I like from one of my favorite authors, Henry Miller. In his book titled Big Sur And The Oranges Of Hieronymus Bosch he states : “The more aware we become the more we perceive there is a relation to right living and good fortune.” I came across this book and found that sentence when I was still in my early twenties– a time when the world seemed dark, dead and chaotic. Although I couldn’t grasp the concept fully at that stage in my life, that quote always played an echo around my brain stem. Now here I am in my youthful forties and I understand more what Miller was saying. It isn’t just your actions that constitute right living. It is also how you think, respond, love and which emotions you want to give energy to.


One thing I have learned on my lonesome is that when you have faith and patience things tend to just fall into place. Sometimes that’s a sharp sword to swallow. I realize that today this sort of “new age” thinking has saturated the public eye and media to the point where it seems so commonplace and mundane. Every talk show has some guy who wrote a book about how to make things happen in your life. Ever since the success of the book and film  The Secret (which I first watched while I was in jail on alcohol related charges) many self proclaimed guru’s of the law of attraction have jumped on the bandwagon. Some may actually be genuine, but many are just plain full of it.


One of my greatest teachers was the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Sadly he passed away peacefully in his sleep late last year and the young age of 75. This man was a living Buddha if ever there was one. It truly is because of his direction that I have been able to achieve many of the fortunate things that have occurred and continue to occur in my life and that I was able to find the place inside of me that led me to stop many of my self destructive habits. From his books and talks I learned how being anxious and full of worry actually push away the things you desire. Now I simply step aside and allow the the forces that be to take charge and do what they will. Then respond. I state my intention or desire in a positive way then just let it go. And go on with my life and watch the miracles start to happen. And they DO happen.


I’m not just talking small miracles either. I am talking about solutions to seemingly impossible situations. Recently my book Thirteen Years Of Dust was picked up by GenZ publishing. A miracle there in itself. But as its states in my contract, upon publication the author is required to purchase at least 20 copies of his/her book for promotions and signings and conventions. This is the only out of pocket expense and sounds rather fair to me. But the obstacle for me was–I don’t have that kind of cash. By that kind I mean U.S. dollars. I live on Philippine peso which is considerably worth less on the global market.


So I started a gofundme campaign (which is still going on). It was the most reasonable thing to do. At first a few donations trickled in from some family members which I was extremely grateful for. Then nothing. Darkness. Time was running out. But I didn’t worry. The old me would have lost sleep over it. What did I do? I trusted waited and chanted.  A good friend of mine asked me, “How can you be so calm?” I have to laugh a little. Would getting upset and anxious get me anywhere? I just waited and did what I could. Posting on Facebook and Twitter. Talking to people here and there. Then yesterday two donations came in totalling 200 USD! This put me way over the halfway mark and actually gave me something to work with! Now will I say being anxious and nervous would have caused this not to happen? No I can’t say that. But I can say I had a more peaceful journey and was ready to accept any outcome.


This is just a small example. It has become more and more apparent to me that whatever I focus my energy and thoughts on shows up in my life. Sometimes it’s the strangest things. Sometimes it’s not even what I wanted, but it was what I thought about. If thoughts can form your dreams then they can also form your reality.


There are just a few things to keep in mind. The first is to remember that you are only limited by Krishna (God) and your own imagination. The other is you cannot go against Krishna’s will. (Here I use the Name Krishna because of my religion. Use any name for God you wish!) Surrendering is the only way. I am living proof.


Love, Peace and Harmony

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