I Can’t Believe it…

db13ABeing that I am living in the Philippines and the peso to the dollar doesn’t account for jack squat, I have no money for advertising or promoting my book, The Price For Harmony. I tweet quite a bit and post to Facebook, but that’s about the extent of it. And for the life of me I can’t seem to get a grip on Goodreads, but I’ll figure it out soon.

So my friend and fellow author Garrett Dennis (Author of the Storm Ketchum mystery/adventure series) who wrote the foreword, footed the bill for a Red City Review.So after about a week of being accepted I started watching their website. My OCD kicked in and I just couldn’t wait to hear what a professional book reviewer thought of my work.

I read over many of their other reviews, mostly 3 and four stars and I thought to myself “I’ll probably get 3 stars. But I really hope they give me 4!”

So yesterday morning I came into work and right away opened thier site. Now normally I open it, see my book hasn’t been posted yet and move on to other things. Normally FB. Well I opened it and there at the top was my cover. Then I saw my name and the title to my book, The Price For Harmony. And underneath all of that I saw it. 5 of the most beautiful red stars anyone could have ever imagined.

5 @#$%#@ Stars!!!

I sat back in my chair then leaned in again to the screen. Then I counted. Then I counted again. Sure enough, 5 stars. Mind you, I hadn’t even read the review yet.I just couldn’t believe it.

Then I read the review–

The Price for Harmony by Jeffrey M. Thompson Jr.

5 red stars

John Marion Bradley, AKA Duke Bradley, AKA the best private eye in Akron, Ohio hasn’t had much of a break since he solved the murder of Karen Linford and things are starting to get a little stale in his office…not to mention that money is a little tighter. So, when the cold case murder of Harmony Bane, a mutilated transgender goth girl, comes across his desk, it is a hard case to resist, but maybe even a harder case to solve. Duke’s detective work and gut instincts take him and his beautiful FBI sidekick, Shriya Thakur, to places and persons of interest that the original investigators had completely missed. However, the deeper in that Duke and Shriya get, the more they find that things become darker, more opaque, and possibly even harder to unravel. While the days of classic private eyes and film noir may be behind us, Duke Bradley is still a mind to be reckoned with and a sight to be seen. Seeking out truth, justice, and cigarette money all while keeping his coconut-straw fedora clean, Duke Bradley has certainly earned the title of Private Eye.

The Price for Harmony is a good, clean murder mystery if ever there was one. Throw in some corrupt politicians, a little relationship drama, and a few vampires and Jeffrey M. Thompson Jr. has your weekend plans covered– just order up a veggie pizza.The Price for Harmony is extremely well-written and perfectly executed, with characters whose foibles make them relatable and lovable. The process by which Duke solves the mysteries he encounters is believable and, while his luck just does not seem to be getting any better, one can’t help but root for the underdog. Thompson will actually have you wishing for more murders, just to keep Duke Bradley Private Eye in business. Oh, and just in case you miss the plug for Storm Ketchum, he is a retiree turned secret detective and it is extremely inadvisable to miss out on his adventures.

Read it here.

See the book here.



Maybe I’m not such a bad mystery writer after all.JMTjr

Source: I Can’t Believe it…


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