E-Book Pricing

I’m confused and at a loss.

There must be a psychology to selling eBooks that I certainly haven’t been privied to.

No matter what the promotion efforts are, the main question I think on every authors lips is —How much do I charge for a copy of my eBook?

I started The Price For Harmony at 3.99. Had a few sales. So I thought, well, maybe that’s just too expensive. So, I dropped it to 99 cents and went bananas promoting it as a “great deal!”I figured with the promoting and the reviews (especially the 5 Star from Red City Review) it would fly off the virtual shelf.

But that dog wouldn’t hunt.

It seems when a book is placed at 3.99 it’s too expensive, however at 99 cents is devalues the work and is deemed as “bargain basement crap”. Even though it has great reviews and ratings.

The whole thing is insane.

It would be fun (and rather enlightening) to stand over people as they see my twitter tweets and my FB ads and other promotions. Then when they scroll on by simply ask them–hey! why not give it a shot? Why did you pass it up?Maybe then I’d get some answers.

I’ll keep at it. I’ll never give up on Duke and Shriya. Never.

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