Free Short Story

TO LIVE WITH DEATH by Jeffrey M. Thompson Jr. Don Moore looked out into a darkness that was more than just night. There was a dull ache under the breeze and a crisp eeriness like the beat of a dying man’s pulse. Like his own pulse. Because he was in fact dying. He made his... Continue Reading →


I Can’t Believe it…

Being that I am living in the Philippines and the peso to the dollar doesn't account for jack squat, I have no money for advertising or promoting my book, The Price For Harmony. I tweet quite a bit and post to Facebook, but that's about the extent of it. And for the life of me... Continue Reading →

Patience and Publication

There is a quote I like from one of my favorite authors, Henry Miller. In his book titled Big Sur And The Oranges Of Hieronymus Bosch he states : “The more aware we become the more we perceive there is a relation to right living and good fortune.” I came across this book and found... Continue Reading →

Would Love Some Feedback

I have been absent from blogging. Involved in many other projects. I would like now to present the final revision of the first part of my newest Novel: Thirteen Years of Dust starring Duke Bradley Private Eye. Duke is an ex-FBI special detective who got canned from the bureau for botching the investigation of a serial... Continue Reading →

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