Another Great Review and Mystere Gris

Things are picking up. I opened my product page this morning to find a couple more reviews both with 5 star ratings. Nothing could tickle me more. Now for my ARC I chose both people whom I knew would be gentle and those who would really crack it apart. People I know who know books... Continue Reading →



BUY NOW A while ago I sent out some ARC of my upcoming novel. Thirteen Years of Dust. The deal is they get a free copy (complete with typos) and I get a review. It's a fair deal and I ask for an HONEST review. I can't very well grow as a writer with out... Continue Reading →

Troll Hunting

Great story for the fantasy readers!

J. Rae Moore

Troll Hunting is a short story in parallel to the novel Youngspell – both written by J. Rae Moore.

“Cagord ‘ears ya, chicken,” a deep voice bellowed from the dark depths of the cave. “Ya shall suffer for da murderin’ of da daughters,” it continued. “Cagord will grind ya bones to make me bread, ya hear?”

Juliana shivered. She knew the words were directed at her. She glanced across the rocky terrain at the three stone figures in front of the cave. “Daughters?” she muttered. Until then, she’d thought the petrified trolls were boys. Their exaggerated, wart-heavy features showed no sign of femininity. She shrugged. “Who knew?”

It had been her folly that brought Cagord’s daughters to their ends. She hadn’t meant to harm them—not to the point of death anyway—but the potion she needed to complete called for troll beard stubble, and she was going to get it. Since…

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Mystère gris and Noir

What is Noir? Hell, I don’t know. It seems to me there are a lot of definitions out there for this genre. I decided to look it up in a few places just to see what I come up with. -a genre of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity. That... Continue Reading →

Another Mystery in the Works

I woke up this morning to a grey overcast sky. Sounds depressing? Well it's not. Reminds me of home. Akron, Ohio. I now live in the Philippines. We haven't had any serious rain or break from this heat since new year's day. A good tropical rain would put a spring in my step. This weather... Continue Reading →

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