Coming to the close of another day. It was a sweltering one, but we don't get too many cool ones. Unless its raining. I was thinking about miracles. So many books written on the subject. How you can make them happen and whatnot. There is a power in positive thinking and one-mindedness and I do... Continue Reading →


Philippine night

The sun tucks in early here. I was just sitting on the porch, flipping through some things in my mind. It's a sticky, soggy Philippine night. We are at the time of the year when it rains everyday and everything stays wet, including my feet. I hate that. The Filipinos don't seem to mind it so... Continue Reading →


THE NOVELLA Longer than a short story, but shorter than a regular length novel. Most writers have very little success with Novellas. They are too long for magazines and too short for conventional publishing. Literary agents usually won't even touch them. So why would I write them? Because I love Novellas. There have been many... Continue Reading →

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