Another Free Short Story

9 of 90 ***** I've been working 14 hour days for the past week. Don't worry, I'll get everything caught up. In the meantime, enjoy this short story. It's really one of my favorites. ***** THE OWLS by Jeffrey M. Thompson Jr.   “You know, it wasn’t always like this, Clarice.” “Who’s Clarice?” she asked... Continue Reading →


My Son’s Tomatoes

8 of 90 ************ I got behind. Had a major meltdown at work which required a lot of my time. Does that mean I should quit? give up? Nope. Do I think I failed because I missed a few days? Never. I just pick up and move forward. I can get it caught up. **********... Continue Reading →

Time To Make Miracles

7 of 90 "Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance." Bruce Barton ******* We live in an infinite universe.. We are infinite. So why do we choose to live our lives finitely? The fact is, you are more powerful than you may... Continue Reading →

Are You Poor?

Post 6 of 90**** "The fire trucks are coming up around the bend."— Alanis Morissette ************ I just came from the gym and on the way home, riding my brand new bike, I pass a family digging through the garbage looking for scraps of metal, plastic and other salable junk. And every time I do,... Continue Reading →

Rather Be…

Post 5 of 90 “Well, I’d rather be here than be anywhere. Is there anywhere better than here?” —The Verve *** This is a beautiful picture taken by my friend and fellow author, Rhaya Celestyne. It is the first sunrise of 2018 in Kaua’i — and yes, she lives there. *** You are exactly where... Continue Reading →


Post 4 of 90 I thought today I would veer away from the motivational content and give you a taste of my writing with this free short story. I hope you enjoy!   FRESH FISH By Jeffrey M. Thompson Jr. Travis Dailey didn’t have to close his eyes to conjure the memory of the heavy,... Continue Reading →


  “Thank you,” I said. She smiled and put the flowers down. She has the most amazing smile. “For what?” she asked. “For that smile you gave me when I said ‘thank you’”                                                            Never let  chance to be grateful pass… Even when it seems there is nothing to be grateful for. You can always... Continue Reading →

Himalayan Dreams

  “Where have you been?” she asked. I sat up. “I went to the Himalayas,” I told her. “I left you something there. Buried in the snow.” She looked up and smiled with sleepy eyes. “Then I guess it’s my turn to go and find what you left for me.” “Yes it is.” “Then I’ll... Continue Reading →

90 days and the BIG announcement

90 days and the BIG announcement “Do you want your life to truly “take off”? Then change your idea about it.” —Conversations with God Happy 2018 everyone. I have never been one to make any New Year resolutions. Ever. I never saw Jan 1st as any day to begin anything that you couldn’t do any... Continue Reading →

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